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One of them got kicked to the curb by Sam and the other had a temporary falling out. Not at all. Books - all kinds of books. You are all winners to me. ” I know I’m a glutton Check out this fan site, its discussion of "fo-mances" and its analysis of an Oscar night photo of Sam and Cait. Find and save ideas about Edinburgh international film festival on Pinterest. co/dSbcxTEeRS”. Sam and Cait as we used to know them are gone. Four plus years. Sam said that Ep 109, at the glade, was the first time he got to use his actor’s chops. It took place in the press room. I wanted to expand on that, but apparently Tumblr decided my opinion belonged in File 13. 15. Twitter. | See more ideas about Sam and cait, Sam heughan caitriona balfe and Jamie fraser. Jul 22, 2018- Explore Peggy Green's board "Outlander pictures" on Pinterest. itv victoria. Tweet with a location. Sam and Cait have the power to end this once and for all and I think it’s time they take that opportunity, for themselves and for the sake of the show and the fandom. 01. But this public relations game is a disaster and it’s finally reached it’s unflattering and insulting pinnacle. pumpkinspicejackotaco liked this . I totallllly agreed with the sentiment. Found on Tumblr. Any discomfort that may have appeared during the photo session at EIFF was likely both of them being aware that they were not to act intimate. " "Jamie & Claire from the Outlander series" "Sam and Cait" See more 34 thoughts on “ My Friend Pufflander ” Sam and Cait are a shining example of a couple who were “destined to be. We really don’t give a banana’s worth of shit what you think. When did you delete your first blog? Oct 17, 2018- Explore Lee Gagliardo's board "Sam & Caitriona" on Pinterest. If Sam wants to out a girlfriend other than Cait (highly doubtful), he’ll do it on his own terms. Cait wouldn't be with one hand inside of Sam's back pocket if they were not lovers. Looking at their interactions in lauren | old school samcait shipper. Text. You get the idea. He is the glass face one. Is she “happy”? Don't know, that's I would be flying all over twitter and tumblr talking about it! A cute lovey selfie together DEAR CAIT, TAKE SAM WITH YOU TO THE GGs!–YOU OWE HIM THAT Sam must still be shooting in London. It shows on some level how their chemistry is just there for them. For a personal Sam shipper, it’s Sam in your fantasies, not Jamie, Sam. Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to try. Outlander News Outlander Besetzung Outlander Roman Sam …#outlander #outlander bts #sam heughan #caitriona balfe #samcait #sam x cait #personal. Let’s get this out there, the situation between S Amell & WS was a lot different than Sam’s. It was on the Periscope feed from the Anglophile Channel. Name? Jess Age? 26 Country? Ireland When did you join the fandom? August 2014 Do you believe Sam and Cait are together? Yes . outlander fanfic. jovifan64 liked Excellent points all, Courtney! I don’t see why we can’t separate the fantasy from the reality. fashion. I don’t see Sam or Cait going to Jess or me and calling us “cunts”. COM/GEEK Sam and Cait retreat to his country house after a very emotional day. A not spoiler free blog about my long term love Outlander. jakleb reblogged this from tithora. Cait responded: “Which scene? I have nothing but admiration for the actor that is Sam Heughan, and am truly thankful 18 Apr 2018 Hiding in plain sight So I have heard this term tossed around when it comes to Sam and Cait's relationship. A little of that. " "Sam and Cait looking cuddley" Ver más The hit Starz show's leading lad and lassie, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, chose Hollywood awards season to go public with the most intriguing aspect of their private lives - who they're dating. Sam couldn’t look at Cait because his face is his biggest tell. If everything I'm reading is true, and Sam and Cait really are with other people, then how can their SOs be okay with how they behave with one another? Because they still do not, and have never really, acted like purely, 100% platonic friends. They never expected anything to spiral out of control like it did. New video of Sam, Cait & Diana Gabaldon from the set in South Africa. There's an intimacy and connection between them that you only have with a lover. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. So, to that end, we will do our best to maintain the environment so that it stays that way, which means: Nov 22, 2018- Explore Rhona Kushner's board "Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe" on Pinterest. I’m tired of the engagement talk, I’m tired of her lashing out at fans on twitter, I’m tired of the snarky jokes she makes at Sam’s expense, I’m tired of people gaslighting other fans in order to retcon her poor behavior and defend her. would have been a hell lot easier, but nooo- he keeps holding on to his leading lady Sam and Cait —" "Sam and Cait looking pretty cozy. March 31 - Sam, Cait, Tobias & Crew - A Tribute to Outlander - Beverly Hills, CA April 4 - American Natural History Museum NYC - private event April 4 - Outlander Premiere in NYC pufflander Anonymous asked: As painful as these past several days have been for all of us, and more importantly - FOR SAM & CAIT - I come away 1) comforted by the gut feeling that they're together & ok, even if we aren't seeing it, and 2) so relieved & happy to see them look happy again yesterday. cambridge family. Sam And Cait, Sam Hueghan, Outlander Interviews, Outlander News, Outlander Season 3, Outlander Casting, Outlander Tv Series, Sam Heughan Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan jamesandclairefraser: “pufflander: “For your viewing pleasure. Sad. Sam and Cait in a, London bar. " "It's Time To Talk About Caitriona Balfe" "Look at how positively magnetic Caitriona is, people can’t help but be drawn to her. And it’s not just because of that staggering performance that went unrewarded. See more What others are saying "Outlander, Jamie & Claire, Sam Heughan, unapologetic aggressive shipper of Shrimpy Roland & Schleppy Mary" "reasons I think Sam & Cait are together, in gifs (part Their faces and that look and the giggling His face Her face. *This blog is not affiliated with Starz, it is just a blog made by fans for fans. john krasinski & emily blunt. Matt lurvs Sam Maybe a secret love gesture for Sam? Tony was already there so nobody would wander about the missing ring. To Tobias - thank you for making us hate you so much (in the best way!) To darling Sam - thank you for becoming Jamie. The moral of the story, don’t fuck with Sam’s fans. This blog supports Outlander, Diana Gabaldon, Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Jamie and Claire Fraser. | See more ideas about International film festival, Film festival poster and Edinburgh international festival. “In this week's #Outlander top actor piece, we discuss how Sam Heughan shined through tackling Jamie's flaws https://t. They do not exist anymore, at least not for public consumption. Matt lurvs Sam As far as being sad for Cait… why? She's alive and thoroughly living out the life she has chosen for herself of her own freewill. "" 25 years ago the first book was published and now Starz has renewed It for seasons 3 & 4 so Voyager and Drums of Autumn here we come. Discover ideas about Outlander News. Yet you nasty women keep wanting to break her, well Jess is not going to be broken by you because she has more support than you low life’s will ever have. Movies and TV - all kinds of movies and TV. curiosityispiqued I said the same thing on an earlier post - Sam himself said that Episode 9 was the first one where he sunk his teeth into the role, and Jamie just didn’t have that much ‘to do’ earlier. Last night, @pufflander responded to an anon, and talked about boundaries. But it’s cool y’all. It's where your interests connect you with your people. "pufflander: “ I think I could get behind them as a couple a whole lot easier if they were just better looking. I don’t see Sam or Cait favoring a tweet that tells them that shippers are the root of all evil. Cait and Sam's life at the moment, is under a lot Sam posted this pic on his IG story today, saying he worked with it yesterday. See more What others are saying "wee-sassenach: “ The way Cait looks at him in the middle gif…no. He stabbed that shit 857 times like it was a murder on the ID channel. " "(gif) - PaleyFest at LA's Dolby Theatre, 12 March 2015" Sam Heughan Outlander Sam Heughan Caitriona Balfe Diana Gabaldon Outlander Casting Outlander Tv Series Outlander Book Outlander Season 3 Cast Sam Hueghan Sam And Cait sam x cait samcait sam heughan caitriona balfe outlander samheughanedit caitrionabalfedit outlander fan gathering the anglophile channel stiff one interview samcait facebook la times envelope livechat 2017 eccc if you’re naughty and you know it clap your hands this naughty Goober makes me smile my edit my gifs I’m not just talking about waves from Sam and Cait, but also drama from this fandom and other fans (which I’m not here to talk about, I’m just using it as a point to say that she has trusted me, and stuck by me through all of it). love and appreciate TRUTH even more: they are magic together but they are not a couple. I don’t want to rag on Cait, but her behavior has changed a lot in the last year. All Cait had to do was tweet that she was there and we all saw her on tv. Outlander romantic. Shippers believe that Sam and Cait are together hence we do not believe that Sam is gay. Anyone else care to share their own Tonys? ” I’m so confused omg ” Wow…how many are there? Sam, Cait and Tobias talking about what their characters theme songs would be was hilarious. Posted: March 1, 2017 - 11:51 AM Laurie Conrad, FOR PHILLY. 8. I love to immerse myself into the world of Outlander, and the way Sam and Cait portray Jamie and Claire as a married couple is wonderful. We want this to be a positive and fun place and we want to maintain the things that you like about both of us and our tumblr blogs- including an editorial viewpoint, information, humor and snark. lauren | old school samcait shipper. Music - all kinds of music. #awkwardmoment12 #Samsgonnahitthatlater #youaregettingverysleepy pufflander: “ A Tribute Note to Big Daddy There is a reason our collective hearts are broken today. He can’t look at her without beaming. I can assure you that you and the monkeys believing that Cait and Sam are with other people doesn’t affect Hardies in the least. They did not separate at any time even when Sam answered a cell phone call. balfeheughlywed. Visit. The presence of Cait at the whiskey tasting, the hand that belongs to Cait, the IG of “Cait and Sam’s mother” - anything, any crumb, any fuzzy photo - and Jess believes it if it shows S/C are lovers. sam and cait tumblr pufflanderI have to say I smiled all day about Sam commenting that he loved Cait's GG look! I know they said they had each others back but down to looks? I was emo AF If you're a SamCait shipper and you know it, reblog this post. I see a lot of hate on Cait and on Outlander and it makes me really angry. Found on Tumblr. maryntally liked this . Personally I hate motorbikes but I'd be lying if I didn't like the idea of Sam on one 🤷 ♀ . Can I ask if you still believe that Sam and Cait are together and if so do you think your opinion could ever change? jamesandclairefraser answered: You can ask me anything anon, I don’t bite 珞 Yes I still believe they’re together and no I don’t think that’ll ever change. Updated 07. He’s a fine, beautiful, masculine, handsome man and you ship him with you, photoshop your face onto Cait’s body in the steamy promo stills, imagine him doing naughty things to you. Shippers believe that Sam and Cait are together hence we do not believe that 9 Jan 2016 What I am going to do, however, is give my 1600+ readers my unvarnished opinion about what is going on with Sam and Cait, and not a single Maybe a secret love gesture for Sam? Tony was already there so nobody would wander about the missing ring. I hope everyone else can keep deriving what they want and need from this fandom. Two more Tonys. "Sam and Cait Caitriona & Sam Tumblr What others are saying "I just love the fact that he doesn’t let go of Cait to readjust his clothes with both hands in this pic…. ng0990 reblogged this from thebrochtuarachs. " "The second gif - so dear!" "Sam & Cait greeting each other" I don’t see Cait going undercover to someone’s blog and telling them they are responsible for all the evils in the fandom. Sticking around to talk about the glory days is not how I want to spend my time anymore. They were filming the whole thing and it’ll be on iTunes in a few days, I believe. Even watching these interviews, Sam shows a different level of comfort and proximity to Sophie/Rik than he does with Cait. mostbeautifulgirlscaps reblogged this from thebrochtuarachs. There are more things you can do in a jacuzzi than just taking a bath. maybe the best PR for Outlander right now would be to put Sam and Cait SamCait4Realz. pufflander That awkward moment when you see a picture of your boyfriend looking at another woman like a hypnotic chant is lulling him into a relaxation coma. You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. I think that Sam and cait thought they were being cute with all there banter and all the other stuff. He is the one with all the emotion. richard madden. sam and cait tumblr pufflander 1) Certain super-shippers have spent nearly two years cyberstalking Sam and Cait and sometimes actually stalking them. But all this could have been avoided if they had just told the truth and not been so encouraging to shipper behavior. 16 at 10:43 am EDT. sam cait sam x cait jamie x claire sam heughan caitriona balfe Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. I wonder if they let him wear his own ring? Looks like the one Cait wears for safe keeping. Pufflander - a-tourist-in-the-waking-world: Sam and Cait:. To the utterly amazing Cait - thank you for bringing our Claire to life. Jess is the nicest, sweetest person who just wants to ship Sam and Cait and has an amazing blog that we all love coming to. . from jonesmle. Anyone else care to share their own Tonys? ” I’m so confused omg ” Wow…how many are there? jamesandclairefraser: “pufflander: “For your viewing pleasure. Sam is going to pretend he doesn’t see them and continue to talk about MPC like he’s not continuing to confuse fans with that whiskey and maybe in the future comment. Yes I want closure and maybe that makes me selfish but I think it’s the least they could do after years of the same bullshit. Cait and Sam's life at the moment, is under a lot “In this week's #Outlander top actor piece, we discuss how Sam Heughan shined through tackling Jamie's flaws https://t. pufflander: …I DIDN’T just find out “the truth” that Sam and Cait aren’t together. #000000 12/10/2018 · Anonymous said: Sam liking the Outlander tweet about him and Cait being side by side "like they'll always be" just makes me sad for them that …#samcait #sam x cait #sam and cait #sam heughan #caitriona balfe #outlander #paley18 #imagine thinking they're not in love #imagine. . My brother took leave of them and continued watching them from a distance and watched as the four asked for a taxi and left. tags: outlander outlanderstarz starz outlanderseries sam heughan jamie fraser caitriona balfe claire fraser jamie and claire samcait caitriona and sam sam x cait sam and cait sam and caitriona 106 notes I ship it, no denying it here. Love SamCait chemistry but . That was a shit acting job Sam. " "When God gives you Sam Heughan, you don't ask questions just the date of the wedding?" Sam as he watches Cait walk on the stage at Paleyfest. candyland3772 Okay Sam, could you hug her any tighter?! where-i-ll-remember-you-always reblogged this from its-moopoint where-i-ll-remember-you-always liked thisGoofy Sam and Cait Welcome to Laird Broch Tuarach! Your daily source dedicated to the talented and amazing Scottish actor Sam Heughan. Keep preaching, sister! My fingers are crossed true love wins in the end and the haters crawl back into the miserable dark world they came from. | See more ideas about Sam and cait, Outlander casting and Sam heughan caitriona balfe. We love you all so much, good luck all. Sam and Cait are adults with complicated lives and I’m truly glad to see they can count on each other for unparalleled support, respect and affection through it all. And if you weren’t acting about the “status” of you and Cait, then you were shit acting your clown ass off because you love her and it hurt. She likes to say 2 because she thinks it makes her inappropriate behavior with Sam less shady, but that’s just a flat out lie. #loveforsam #samheughan #jamiefraser #loveforcait #caitrionabalfe I have to say I smiled all day about Sam commenting that he loved Cait's GG look! I know they said they had each others back but down to looks? I was emo AF Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan on ET Sam & Cait posted by John Bell . ecwchan2018 liked this . why is it not believable that Sam would have flown from Glasgow-Aus-LA-Glasgow in a week’s time (or more) to spend time with Cait, but easy Cait has supposedly been with this guy for 4+ years now. A little of this. I will continue to tune in for Jamie and Claire and Cait of course but I think Sam has finally reached the point of irreparable damage for me. So as far as you know, are they? Forgiveness is the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offense, lets go of negative emotions such as vengefulness, with an increased ability to wish the offender well. Sam Heugan Sam And Cait Outlander Quotes Outlander Casting Outlander Tv Series Sam Heughan Caitriona Balfe Sam Heughan Outlander Diana Gabaldon Jamie And Claire Forward They’re both charming, genuinely nice people, but they do have a very good relationship, both working and personal. Pretty Self-explanatorya blog all things SamCait & Outlander with an Someone tweeted him though I think and I dont think Sam and Cait start till March UNAPOLOGETIC SamCait Shipper 4eva! I have nothing but admiration for the actor that is Sam Heughan, and am truly thankful to him for how he has  to be a fanfic writer 󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Fleetwood Mac Met Sam Heughan Fleetwood Mac. Cait seems to have disappeared from social media, leaving fans twisting in the wind from comments that came from her. Marlise from the AC was recording Sam and Cait when they walked in the room with their handlers and moved to the back of the room. "Sam and Cait in Departures Magazine 2016" "Sam and Cait---They really just need to be together and get married in real life. tumblr. Sam looked at WS as an idol whether w don’t agree, doesn’t matter plus WS has ties w Lionsgate. tzmufasa liked this . com. mars 2018- pufflander: She won!! Congrats Cait “The girl - Pia. I don’t see Cait going undercover to someone’s blog and telling them they are responsible for all the evils in the fandom. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. - Jacuzzi Love (18+) Sequel to “My Bride” and “ Perfect ” . | See more ideas about Sam heughan outlander, Jamie fraser and Sam heughan caitriona balfe. Cait & Sam see their fans almost every day on set and work 11-12 hr days. A hopeless romantic who ships two human beings called Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe. Super-shippers are in shock and angry today that Sam liked a FB post that pretty much called them out for being hurtful to MM and for refusing to accept that Sam could be dating anyone other than Cait. 2) Certain super-shippers have spread unsubstantiated rumors about Sam and Cait being married or Cait being pregnant or S & C going on holidays that they never went on together